Is Your Hand Frequent Pain? Be Careful, It’s The Disease That Causes It

Hands become part of the body that often perform activities, especially heavy activities. For that, the hands sometimes experience some symptoms of disease because of too frequent heavy activities. One of the diseases that can affect our hands is Carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a condition in which the fingers experience numbness or pain. These symptoms appear and usually will get worse if we continue to perform heavy activities. If you experience these symptoms and are getting worse, you may be thinking of doing a hand surgery. However, you must choose the right surgeon before deciding to perform surgery. One of them is Dr. Budoff who has become a hand surgeon Houston and has a certificate that will not make you hesitate to perform surgery with him.

About carpal tunnel syndrome, there are some things you should know, ranging from symptoms to the cause of the disease:

• Symptoms: This disease has symptoms of numbness and pain in the three fingers of the hand, namely the thumb, index finger and middle finger. On the thumb will usually be attenuation, the appearance of a needle puncture, and pain that will spread to the hands or arms. These symptoms can appear in one hand, or even both hands. But most people with this disease feel pain in both hands.

• Cause: the disease is usually caused by a depressed nerve. However, there are some things that increase the risk of this disease, such as genetic factors, the presence of wrist injury, pregnancy, and do repetitive heavy work.

• Treatment: in some cases like pregnancy, it usually goes away, but in other cases, it can sometimes get worse. The easy way you can do to reduce the pain is to bind the palm of the hand with a small board to reduce heavy activity. However, if that does not help, all you can do is perform an operation on the hand that has the disease.